Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Making of ... (Macedonia's video)


1.Participants - IV-3 class students in the Grigor Prlichev Primary school together with their teachers:Slavica Mojsoska, Mirjana Hristovska, Ivana Mahovska, Elena Pendova and Ofelija Petreska -school pedagogue and all the other teachers that help us making this video
2. Writing lyrics for an original song - IV3 class students
-students work together and independently
-7/8 tact is suggested as being characteristic for the Macedonian folklore music
3. Making the video
1.Representing the school and its Patron Grigor Prlichev
·         Representing the curriculum through diverse activities
·         Making a relief map of the city including making three-dimensional forms using cardboard and glue
·         Making the Macedonian National flag - weaving (traditional way for cloth making)
·         Making musical instruments and playing on them
·         sports activities

4. Editing the video