Monday, 20 June 2016

The winners of Schoolovision 2016: UKRAINE

Congratulations to our winners of this year's Schoolovision edition!
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Thursday, 16 June 2016

The trophy to Iceland for 2nd place

The trophy for second place came to us when all the students were in holidays. But here it is and we say thanks. Kids on the picture were happy with second place in the competition but they will now go to another school next year. Thanks everyone for an enjoyable task. See you next year :-)

7th grade in Flataskóli - Iceland

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Special Categories Competition

Here are the results of the Special Category Voting. 
A big thank you to all who participated in the voting and congratulations to the winners!

Song Message
1st        Israel         45 points
2nd        Cyprus        44 points
3rd        France        31 points

Positive Message
1st        Israel          69 points
2nd        Serbia         23 points
3rd        Slovakia       17 points

National Culture
1st        Armenia       57 points
2nd        Latvia         30 points
3rd        Slovakia       27 points

Cultural Traditions
1st        Latvia         70 points
2nd        Armenia       54 points
3rd        Slovakia       48 points

Self-Made Song
1st        Belgium        62 points
2nd        Malta         52 points
3rd        Israel         51 points

Young Artists
1st        Malta         61 points
2nd        Austria       60 points
3rd        France        59 points

Creative Story
1st        Portugal       66 points
2nd        Switzerland   60 points
3rd        Austria        53 points

Implementation of ICT
1st        England        56 points
2nd        Belgium        42 points
3rd        Spain          18 points

Community Building
1st        Israel         72 points
2nd        France        65 points
3rd        Cyprus        51 points

In-School Production
1st        Italy           68 points
2nd        England        51 points
3rd        Serbia         50 points

Best Actors
1st        Cyprus         72 points
2nd        Spain          62 points
3rd        Lithuania      56 points

Newcomers Special Award
1st        England        51 points
2nd        Serbia         18 points

1st        France        32 points
2nd        Israel         25 points
3rd        Slovakia       24 points

Voices & Singing
1st        Wales         71 points
2nd        Malta         64 points
3rd        Lithuania      61 points
3rd        Norway       61 points
3rd        Serbia        61 points

1st        Serbia         21 points
2nd       Israel          17 points
3rd       Norway         16 points

1st        Lithuania      27 points
2nd        Portugal       22 points
3rd        Israel         17 points

1st        Israel         27 points
2nd        England       23 points
3rd        Lithuania      16 points
3rd        Norway       16 points
3rd        Spain         16 points