Saturday, 14 May 2016

press and media reception of SV16

Dear partners!
I would like to collect as much of the media coverage for our project as possible. Please add your links to websites and videos here. You can also screenshot, scan or archive such material in any other suitable way and share it with me. Thank you!

Friday, 13 May 2016

Schoolovision Anthem

As announced at the end of the video conference, your partners from Germany and Poland have produced a special video together. It was filmed around the river Neiße/Nysa in the city of Görlitz/Zgorzelec on the bridge which acts as a connection between the two cities and our two countries. We experienced that this place stands as a wonderful symbol for our big international cooperation.

In our texts (from which the lyrics were made) our pupils wrote what this grand project means to us. We hope that you too will like the song which was especially produced for this purpose by the great musician Marie-Laurence Adamowicz.
Please watch and listen, and and let us know if you think this should indeed be the Schoolovision anthem like we are suggesting.

Here's the Karaoke version, freshly made by Marek:


Congratulations to our winners and to all participants of Schoolovision 2016!

Here's the list of the top 20 placements. According to this year's new rule all other placements will only be disclosed if you wish so (which was, as you can see, the case with Switzerland). Partners can still contact me if they wish to see their entry's position published here as well. For full scores please click on the screenshot at the end of this post.

position   country    points
1 Ukraine 249
2 Iceland 202
3 Turkey 199
4 Malta 146
5 Austria 120
6 Portugal 116
7 Spain 105
8 Estonia 92
9= Belgium 89
9= Serbia 89
11 Israel 88
12 England 86
13 Greece 66
14 Poland 59
15 Norway 54
16 Czech Republic 47
17= Cyprus 31
17= Lithuania 31
19 Åland Islands 25
20 Germany 21
21 Switzerland 19

Sorry for having to correct what Anja said in the video conference, England. You are not sharing the position with Israel. Somebody's eyes (he who must not be named) seem to be getting old and weak ... :-)
Congratulations for your 12th place right from the start!

All 35 entries to Schoolovision 2016 in alphabetical order:
Åland IslandsArmeniaAustria,
Basque CountryBelgiumBosnia and Herzegovina,
FYR Macedonia, Malta,
Netherlands, Norway,
Poland, Portugal,
Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland,


Here's the link to the recording of the Live Video Conference during which all votes for Schoolovision 2016 were given and the winner of this year's contest was announced.

The pre-recorded video vote from FYR Macedonia:

Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Schoolovision 2016 Wrap Up

Friday, 6 May 2016

The Czech Republic - Witches

We are so glad we are back again after a break in 2015. Our entry is Inka Rybarova´s song again - our children love her songs so much... We hope that you will enjoy it.

Belgium - Samen (Together)

Hi all,

Qworzó is proud to present to you the Belgian entry for Schoolovision 2016!

This year we wanted to go one step furtherThe children wanted to write their own song, a song about friendship.  So this is not a cover or a traditional song restyled, but it truly is the creation of the children in our class!  Not only did they write the lyrics themselves, they created the music too (under the supervision and guidance of Door)! 

We hope you will like it and we would be very interested in reading your comments below!

Good luck to all teams!

Kind regards,

The Belgian team at Qworzó, Merksplas

As the lyrics are in Dutch, we will translate the chorus for you, so you get the main message of the song!

Samen kunnen we alles aan. 
Echte vriendschap blijft bestaan. 
Eender waar het dan ook om draait. 
Iedereen hoort erbij. 

Together everything is possible. 
True friendship never ends. 
No matter what happens. 
Everyone's important!

Cyprus - Geia sou kyrie Menexe

This is Cyprus Schoolovision entry for 2016.
It is a Greek song recorded by us and its title is "Geia sou kyrie Menexe". Our topic this year is about bullying.
Please enjoy!

Latvia - Folk song "Kas kaitēja nedzīvoti"

Latvian Folk Song "Kas kaitēja nedzīvoti" is about life near the great forest where are many wild animals who help to do different works - in the garden, at home etc.
Schoolovision 2016 from Ilze S on Vimeo.

If you wish you can sing with us:

Kas kaitēja nedzīvoti
Diža meža maliņāi?

Pieci brieži man arami,
Sešas stirnas ecējamas.

Ar vilciņu vagu dzinu,
Lapsa vagu metējiņa.

Zaķis kūla kankalīšus,
Ar pakaļas kājiņāmi.

Vārna tāda puspelēka,
Tā bij mana moderīte.

Cielaviņa baltu kreklu,
Tā galdiņa klājējiņa.

Wales - Y Plant Dy Ni - We are the Young.

Llangewydd Junior School is proud to represent Wales again this year. We've had a really busy time in school and have just finished filming today.

We present 'Y Plant Dy Ni'. A favourite song of ours that we sing at least every week. It sings of our place in this world and our hopes for a bright and happy future.

We hope you all enjoy.

Germany - kleine Dinge (small things)

kleine Dinge from FSK on Vimeo.

Poland - Moja Planeta (My Planet)

This year we proudly present the song and the video prepared almost exclusively by students. They used technology they have in their pockets :)
The song of Majka Jeżowska, well-known singer in Poland, is about that we must listen to our planet Earth.

Israel - We Have a Dream

Israel - We Have a Dream

It's the wind of change. It's time to take an action and make the voice of peace heard.
An exceptional relationship in Israel was born in the last few months writing a song. We decided to call it "Educating to Love".

Two peoples, different point of views, however, one can be a witness to the new flame which has come. It is a light of hope, harmony, understanding and pure friendship.
We are all rooted and bound, as the olive trees are to the land. And now let it be known to all that the flood of rain is over.
This song will send our dove, with a branch of an olive tree to spread the message of peace.

The children of the future, 2016, Israel

Serbia - A True Friend

We are so happy to take part in this project for the first time. This song, written by the sixth grade students, talks about the significance of friendship and mutual bonding. The music video was filmed in our beautiful schoolyard. We own special thanks to our little ballerinas.

Finland - The School of the Future

Five classes ( age 10-12) and almost 120 students in our school made the lyrics last year almost two years ago. I gave them the rhythm and they wrote lines about their ideas, hopes and dreams what , how and why they would like to study in the future. The melody is composed, played and arranged by our kind, bright and talented music teacher TUOMAS JAUHIAINEN. The students on this video are my own class, 5.B. They are 11 yrs old now.
For the past two years we in Finland have been redoing our National curriculum as well as local ones. The curriculum work has been the topic also in Mäntsälä: the students, teachers and officials have been working intensively. And now the job is done!!!! - In Mäntsälä at Kirkonkylä school we also made a song, sort of like a rap, about the new curriculum and the school of the future. We made up the words , lyrics , in classrooms  -together: I and the students . It was a lot of fun. "We are friends, we take care of each other, we like to learn and we discover, research and study everywhere, not only at school. We even dream about making excursions to the moon.

The School of the Future from Anna Helin on Vimeo.

Norway - Namsos e byen min

Namsos e byen min- Namsos is my city.
This is Norway`s entry for Schoolovision 2016. It is about a girl having a bright idea about how to make pupils stop bullying eachother, so that friendships between pupils will grow, and how to make our city Namsos a place where bullying is not allowed.

The song is an original song written by the pupils (lyrics and music are written for this project), and it is produced by Olav Kristoffer Hegge Selnes in Rock City Studio, Namsos. The video is made by students from the Media-education at Nord Uiversitet in Steinkjer (Sondre Utheim, Torine Haugmark, Anders Valseth, Anastasia Fedoseeva, Siri Gunnarshaug and Erik Sande). Pictures of the pupils are taken by Photographers Fotokompaniet in Namsos, and Skrythals Records have helped us publish the song on iTunes, where it can be downloaded within a few days.

Looking forward to the final on Friday the 13th!

The Åland Islands - around the whole world

The pupils in Rangsby skola 4th grade proudly present their entry to Schoolovision 2016: Åland – på hela jorden (The Åland Islands – around the whole world)

We live in the Åland Islands, a beautiful archipelago situated midway between Sweden and Finland. Åland is an autonomous, demilitarized (no military allowed) and Swedish-speaking region in Finland. Åland has 29 000 inhabitants, and 11 000 of them live in the only town, Mariehamn. 
Music was composed specially for this occasion by Cajsa Hallbäck (the teachers 18-years old daughter). The lyric theme was chosen to be about Åland. All the pupils have  indiviually described what Åland means to them and what’s unique about our island. 

The conclusion of all the opinions was:
We love Åland! Our wish is that everybody around the world could be friends and live in a peaceful environment, just like we do.

And yes, Åland has its own flag as you can see in the video. We hope you’ll enjoy our video as much as we enjoyed making it J

Spain - Si te vienes a bailar conmigo

Hello my dear Schoolovision partners,
This year our students decided to sing this lively song “Si te vienes a bailar conmigo” (“If you come dance with me”) by a popular pop-rock band from the Canary Islands called Efecto Pasillo.
Once again,we are so proud and happy to participate in Schoolovision 2016. We have to say that this video has been made with lots of love and enthusiasm. Our 304 students from 3 to 12 years old have greatly enjoyed the making of this wonderful entry. We hope this video makes you feel like starting dancing and enjoying life with positive energy.
A BIG THANK YOU to all the people involved in this incredible process and who certainly have such big hearts and amazing profesionalism. Our students and the whole educative community of CEIP Valsequillo send you good luck from Spain, Canary Islands.

Italy - Ho fatto un mazzolino

Hi everyone, it is a great pleasure to participate once again in this project.
My students are 7 years old and their only love is their Mum!  They have dedicated this funny adventure to her.
The song is about a lovely present for Mother Day: a bouquet of field flowers and each flower means something important. Part of lyric is “A rose because I love you,a pansy because I will be obedient, a sunflower and a daisy because you are the sun of life….but more and more I will  give you all the love I have inside me”
Enjoy the really simple video and good luck to everyone

schoolovision2016_Italy_ from Bagheria III Circolo on Vimeo.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Greece - Fotia sta sinora tis gis

Hello from Greece! 
We are finally ready for Schoolovision 2016...
Our song is called 
"Let's put on fire to Earth's borders" in free translation. 
In greek the title is "Fotia sta sinora tis gis"!!!.
We are inspired from the recent situation our country 
and especially our island Lesbos is living nowadays... 
We give the message for war to stop and people live 
with happiness and peace all over the world...

Thank you and good luck to everybody!!!

Our song for Schoolovision 2016 is dedicated to peace and love....

Romania - De Inviere

Many greetings from Romania! This is our first time when we are participate in such a big project and contest and we are very exciting about this!
"Singing Friends" children choir have students from preparatory classes to 6th grade (we have older students too, but they were withdrawn from this competition because of the regulations). 
Our material was recorded in a gym hall because we couldn't do this in a professional studio. All work was made by students and one amazing father.
The song is about Romanian Easter joy through children's eyes. The composer is Virgil Popescu, he composed a lot of children music and our choir has a successful collaboration with him. We really hope that you will like our song!

Basque Country, Urdaneta - Let's find the magic word!

LET'S FIND THE MAGIC WORD! - Urdaneta School

Hello schoolvisioners!

Here we are again all together to participate in the best e-Twinning project ever!

Our song has been written by Ken Zazpi. It talks about love. In the song that we have chosen we have tried to link our country, school and Schoolovision.

Esaiozu euriari berriz ez jauzteko,
esan bakardadeari gaur ez etortzeko.
Eusten nauen soka zara eta itotzen nauena,
ametsak sortu zizkidana, galtzen dituena.

Zuretzat ilargia lapurtuko nuke gauero,
eta zu itsu zaude bere argia ikusteko,
irribarrez, gero minez, eragin didazu negarra,
nire sua itzali da, ez zara gaueko izar bakarra, ez zara!!

Esan sentitzen dudana ez dela egia,
une baten sinesteko ez garen guztia.

 All our students and teachers are excited about the project.

Good luck everyone!

Portugal - Juntos Somos Mais (Together we are Happy)

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Ukraine - I live in Ukraine

Dear Schoolovisioners!

Greetings from Ukraine, from the vocal studio "Caramel" of Cherkasy gymnasia 31!
In our song we are singing about our motherland, a sovereign, independent state with a unique history and glorious past.

I live in Ukraine
All my ancestors' roots are here.
I love Ukraine with all my heart.
I love Ukraine and pray for it.
I'm proud of its unique ancient past.
I believe in its peaceful future.
I live  in Ukraine, all my friends are here.
Ukrainians are one big family.
I love my country.
I pray for it.
I am proud of it.

We are very glad to be a tiny part of this big adventure called Schoolovision 2016. We truly believe that love and faith will help us to live happily in our native countries.  Looking forward to see our new friends next week. Good luck to all of us!

Sweden - Det här är ditt land

International School of Helsingborg

Information about our song

The song ”This Land is your Land ” was  written by Woody Guthrie in 1940. The song is about America and how the country is a place for everyone. In the year 2000 the  Swedish singer and composer Mikael Wiehe took the song and applied it to Sweden instead and called it ”Det här är ditt land”. The reason behind it being that racism was a growing problem in Sweden at the time, and Mikael Wiehe is known for being a strong believer in freedom for all people.  Together with a large number of Swedish artists he performed with this song during a fundraiser against racism.

We have chosen the song because we think it connects well with current events in our world today.
In our school we come from all over the world and we think it’s important that we all feel that Sweden is our country.

Translation of the song;
This land is my land 
This land is your land
From the rocks of Ale
To the north of Lappland
From the cliffs of Bohus
To the rauks of Gotland 
This land belongs to you and me 

With dark forests
and red cottages
With white birches
and high pinetrees
With fields and croplands
and dockyards and mines
This land belongs to you and me 
With rocks and islets 
and deep coastal inlets
With light meadows
and black ponds
With its blue remotely
This land belongs to you and me 

This land is my land...

I traveled to the north
along the High coast
when the forests blushed
It was autumn
and the ocean sparkled
in the morning air
In the land that belongs to you and me 

I was standing on the top
of Kebnekaise
and watched the sun
that never descends
Mires and mosses
Mountains and streams of water 
And the land that belongs to you and me 

This land is my land...

I was standing at home
when the fog cleared away
I was standing among rape fields
and clear creeks
Where the breeches are green
and the storch is breeding
In the land that belongs to you and me

It was in the evening
I was standing on the beach
under the Milkyway
and the Big Dipper
As I was holding the hand of my loved one
I said, this land belongs 
to you and me

This land is my land...

England - Power In Me

Mayflower Primary School

A very big hello from Leicester, a historic city right in the middle of England – home of Leicester City Football Club, the Premier League Champions of 2016!  It’s also the place where a king was found under a car park!  We are very proud of our city.

Our choir at Mayflower Primary School has chosen to sing “Power in Me” for Schoolovision.  It’s a song that represents the spirit of the children of Leicester, of England, of the United Kingdom and of course of the whole of Europe. We can all achieve our dreams if we believe in the power within us all!

The song was written by Rebecca Lawrence who works as a primary school music teacher in Jersey. She is also a songwriter and wrote the song a number of years ago as part of a large commission for schools.  Thank you Rebecca for letting us sing your wonderful song!

We hope you enjoy our video and remember to believe in the power in you!  

Estonia - The world is ringing

This is our Schoolovision song and the message of the song is:
The whole world rings in the sound of music, over the hill and meadow, come and sing with us...
The video was created by Karlos who was a singer in 2009 and 2011. We are most grateful to Eeva Talsi who allowed us to use her beautiful song.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Ireland - Dublin Saunter

We heard about this wonderful eTwinning project a few months ago and have enjoyed all the preparations leading up to posting our finished entry!  The song is about our home town Dublin being our favourite place to be.  We filmed some of the video in Stephens Green and Grafton Street. We hope the video gives you a taste of what Dublin is like. We are looking forward to seeing all our European friends' videos and taking part in the voting next week!

Turkey - Olur Bu Dünya Çocuklara Saray (Turn this world into a palace for children)

Dear Schoolovisioners!
We are so happy and excited to present you our first schoolovision song on behalf of Turkey. As you see from the subtitle, the theme of the song is brotherhood and happiness of all kids. Enjoy watching it!

France - Tout le monde il est beau

We're proud to present our entry for Schoolovision 2016. This year is very special for us, because we've worked with handicaped pupils. Some of them can't speak, so we've learnt sign language to communicate with them. We decided to sing a song with them and to sign it. Here is the result:

Slovakia - Slovensko je skvelá krajina

Many greetings from Slovakia!

As you can see and hear, our entry gets together a chanting-out rhyme, rap and melodic song. It tries to connect tradition and modern trends. All lyrics and music have been made by students from 9 to 11 years old. You can read an English version of the lyrics on Youtube and Facebook.

Good luck to everybody!

Monday, 2 May 2016

FYR Macedonia - All Together

This year is our first year being a part of the Schoolovision. So we decided to leave  the  editing role to our students. They wrote lyrics by themselves, created a story for the lyrics and they edited the video by themselves. Without any special effects....and the team decided to respect their will. Because we are under opinion that the kids are most important in this whole story... so we left the main role to them.
Here is our authentic video...

Iceland - Dancing Away the Blues

Greetings to you all and we are so happy to be in this project with you once again. We are looking forward to watch all your nice videos. Hope you all have a pleasure watching our wonderful landscape around our school - Flataskóli in our video.
Students in 7th grade made this nice video all by themselves. They chose a song made by StopWaitGo which is a group who is very popular in Iceland now. The song is about that you should dance and put away sulky look and keep smiling. These students won in a competition held in the school last February, we call it Flatovision. The group who is the winner makes the video that we send to Schoolovision. Enjoy!!! 

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Malta - Teddy Bear Magic

Teddy bears are special toys loved by young and old alike. They are our cute cuddly friends when we are alone. We can tell the whole world, “Never be too young to befriend a teddy bear.”
The making of the video was a great and unforgettable experience for every participant. Many thanks to all those who helped to make this a reality. Special thanks go to the composer, John Anthony Fsadni, for composing such marvelous music for us. His enchanting music made our song a remarkable, enjoyable and memorable piece of art which we proudly present. We hope you will enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Teddy Bear Video from videos on Vimeo.