Thursday, 5 May 2016

Romania - De Inviere

Many greetings from Romania! This is our first time when we are participate in such a big project and contest and we are very exciting about this!
"Singing Friends" children choir have students from preparatory classes to 6th grade (we have older students too, but they were withdrawn from this competition because of the regulations). 
Our material was recorded in a gym hall because we couldn't do this in a professional studio. All work was made by students and one amazing father.
The song is about Romanian Easter joy through children's eyes. The composer is Virgil Popescu, he composed a lot of children music and our choir has a successful collaboration with him. We really hope that you will like our song!


Ursula + Maria said...

Wonderful song and voices - this song is very touching:)
Good luck to you from Austria!!

Maria Antoinette Magro said...

Wonderful! Good luck from Malta!

Michael said...

Just beautiful! Oh, what lovely, lovely voices these children have.
And a lovely video too!

Good luck from me in Scotland!

Thomas Baumann said...
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Thomas Baumann said...

Very nice song, video and pictures!Just beautiful!
Good luck from Switzerland!

Greece said...

Nice video....Good luck Romania!

Anonymous said...

Bom <3

Good Luck

Pedro Mendes,from Portugal

Mayflower Primary Schoool said...

We loved your costumes, especially your bow ties. We like the rhythm and beat of your song and your voices were excellent - it was amazing.
Good luck to you!

Unknown said...

I like it
Cátia From Portugal

Fanny said...

Nice video and great voices on your students!

Good luck from Norway!

Siv Forsbom said...

Nice pictures and wonderful singing. We liked watching it!
/pupils from the Åland Islands

Anonymous said...

Nice video it was amazing
maya alzahra from israel :)

Thalena said...

OH it is a so bautifull song and the children was so sweet.
good luck

valerie canty said...

Very nice song and voices!

Good luck from France !

Micha said...

wonderful song....
good luck from Germany

Unknown said...

The students said...
It is positive that the film was made by students,
as many films was made by adults. The song is cheerful
and the pictures beautiful.
Good luck from Sweden:)

Carla Vieira Sampaio da Silva said...

Lovely children with nice colourful bow ties!
The choir has great voices! And the video is marvellous!
Good luck from Portugal!

Andrew Smith said...

This is a lovely, calm song.

We thought your singing is beautiful.
We also liked your bow ties!!

Well done Romania,
From Wales

Malahide Portmarnock ETNS said...

Student comments:

We like your song. We liked the way it went from being slow to being fast and happy. We think you are very good for your age!

Good luck from Ireland!