Friday, 6 May 2016

Italy - Ho fatto un mazzolino

Hi everyone, it is a great pleasure to participate once again in this project.
My students are 7 years old and their only love is their Mum!  They have dedicated this funny adventure to her.
The song is about a lovely present for Mother Day: a bouquet of field flowers and each flower means something important. Part of lyric is “A rose because I love you,a pansy because I will be obedient, a sunflower and a daisy because you are the sun of life….but more and more I will  give you all the love I have inside me”
Enjoy the really simple video and good luck to everyone

schoolovision2016_Italy_ from Bagheria III Circolo on Vimeo.


Thomas Baumann said...

I enjoyed your video! Good luck from Switzerland!

Antonio Maria said...

Good luck for high votes! António Garcia, from Portugal!

Iara Esteves said...

Very nice children you're very good singers! Good luck!
Iara Esteves, from Portugal.

Anonymous said...

Well done and beatiful voices
Cátia,from Portugal

Anonymous said...

A Wonderful work!
Good luck for the voting!
Fátima Martins from Portugal 😃

Anonymous said...

It's a very nice song
Good luck!
Catarina Ramalho,from Portugal.

Anonymous said...

A Wonderful work!
Good luck for the voting!
Fátima Martins from Portugal 😃

Greece said...
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Greece said...

Amici italiani vi amiamo!!!!!Questo video è perfetto....tanti cari ragazzi e ragazze...tanti dolci voci...E poi quanti meravigliosi fiori in un canzone felice....In bocca al lupo nostri amici!!! Baci!

MaestraLu said...

Dear friends, thanks for all your comments ;-)My students have enjoyed every moment of this adventure and next week we will start to see all your videos

Good luck

Michael said...

A really lovely video full of such happy children! I really enjoyed this!

Well done and good luck in the voting!

Fanny said...

So cute pupils and a really cute song! Makes me happy inside when I look at it. <3

Good luck from Norway!

Ursula + Maria said...

So nice and lovely! We enjoyed watching your video!!

Good luck from Austria:)

rosa basque country said...

My students have enjoyed the video a lot.
Your kids are so funny and cute!
Good luck from the Basque Country!

valerie canty said...

Very cute song!

Good luck from France !

Karen D said...

The pupils are so sweat...I enjoyed it! whose mom got the flowers?
Good luck from Israel !

Anneli Christine Hill said...

The students said...
The song was very cute and exciting.

Good luck from Sweden:)

Carla Vieira Sampaio da Silva said...

A big hug to all your students! They were lovely and good dancers!
Mums are important to all... so a big hug to their MUMS too!
Good luck from Portugal!

Andrew Smith said...

Well done Italy.

What a cute, lovely song!
We loved your singing and your dancing!

From Wales.

Anonymous said...

Student comments:

The song was really nice. It made us feel very happy and calm.

Good luck from Ireland!

Anonymous said...

It was good and the characters.