Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Sweden - Det här är ditt land

International School of Helsingborg

Information about our song

The song ”This Land is your Land ” was  written by Woody Guthrie in 1940. The song is about America and how the country is a place for everyone. In the year 2000 the  Swedish singer and composer Mikael Wiehe took the song and applied it to Sweden instead and called it ”Det här är ditt land”. The reason behind it being that racism was a growing problem in Sweden at the time, and Mikael Wiehe is known for being a strong believer in freedom for all people.  Together with a large number of Swedish artists he performed with this song during a fundraiser against racism.

We have chosen the song because we think it connects well with current events in our world today.
In our school we come from all over the world and we think it’s important that we all feel that Sweden is our country.

Translation of the song;
This land is my land 
This land is your land
From the rocks of Ale
To the north of Lappland
From the cliffs of Bohus
To the rauks of Gotland 
This land belongs to you and me 

With dark forests
and red cottages
With white birches
and high pinetrees
With fields and croplands
and dockyards and mines
This land belongs to you and me 
With rocks and islets 
and deep coastal inlets
With light meadows
and black ponds
With its blue remotely
This land belongs to you and me 

This land is my land...

I traveled to the north
along the High coast
when the forests blushed
It was autumn
and the ocean sparkled
in the morning air
In the land that belongs to you and me 

I was standing on the top
of Kebnekaise
and watched the sun
that never descends
Mires and mosses
Mountains and streams of water 
And the land that belongs to you and me 

This land is my land...

I was standing at home
when the fog cleared away
I was standing among rape fields
and clear creeks
Where the breeches are green
and the storch is breeding
In the land that belongs to you and me

It was in the evening
I was standing on the beach
under the Milkyway
and the Big Dipper
As I was holding the hand of my loved one
I said, this land belongs 
to you and me

This land is my land...


Elena Naumenko said...

A very good choice and a nice performance!

Greece said...

Very good voices and song!!! Good luck!

Michael said...

A real fun entry, with all your fabulous backgrounds throughout the video, showing so many different aspects of your beautiful country!

Good luck from Scotland!

Fanny said...

Nice version of Michael Wiehe`s translation of the original song. Powerful message in these times. We are all inhabitants of the world, and we all share it, no matter what country we originated from. <3
Good luck from your neighbours Norway!

Ursula + Maria said...

Your students are really very creative:)
You live in a wonderful land!

Good luck from Austria!

Maria Antoinette Magro said...

Lovely entry. Good luck from Malta!

Mayflower Primary Schoool said...

The message of your song is really important. We love singing this song in English at our school too. It was a great video - thank you. Good luck from everyone at Mayflower Primary School.

Siv Forsbom said...

Det var roligt att lyssna på en låt med svenska röster :). Det var fina rörelser till sången och härliga bakgrundsbilder. Lycka till! önskar de åländska eleverna.

Anonymous said...

very sweet viedeo! love it!

valerie canty said...

Good luck from France!

jinse from belgium said...

well done !!!

julia l. said...

very nice...;)good luck

Carla Vieira Sampaio da Silva said...

I'm also a believer in freedom for all people! Your message is really strong and your students are very nice!
Good luck from Portugal!

Anonymous said...

Great Song.
Bernardo Canelas, from Portugal

Andrew Smith said...


We thought that the song showed how talented you all are!!
The video made us laugh too.

Well done Sweden!
From Wales