Thursday, 5 May 2016

Basque Country, Urdaneta - Let's find the magic word!

LET'S FIND THE MAGIC WORD! - Urdaneta School

Hello schoolvisioners!

Here we are again all together to participate in the best e-Twinning project ever!

Our song has been written by Ken Zazpi. It talks about love. In the song that we have chosen we have tried to link our country, school and Schoolovision.

Esaiozu euriari berriz ez jauzteko,
esan bakardadeari gaur ez etortzeko.
Eusten nauen soka zara eta itotzen nauena,
ametsak sortu zizkidana, galtzen dituena.

Zuretzat ilargia lapurtuko nuke gauero,
eta zu itsu zaude bere argia ikusteko,
irribarrez, gero minez, eragin didazu negarra,
nire sua itzali da, ez zara gaueko izar bakarra, ez zara!!

Esan sentitzen dudana ez dela egia,
une baten sinesteko ez garen guztia.

 All our students and teachers are excited about the project.

Good luck everyone!


Ursula + Maria said...

Very good ideas!
We can really feel your enthusiasm:))
Good luck from Austria

Maria Antoinette Magro said...

Wonderful! It is very clear that Schoolovision brought a smile to your faces! Good luck from Malta!

Michael said...

What a lovely song and video!
It's obvious how much fun the kids had making this, and the message, of course, is a great one at the end!
Good luck from Scotland ☺

Mayflower Primary School said...

Mayflower loved your video! And they loved trying to work out which word was going to be spelled out at the end. Well done - wishing you lots of luck from England

Unknown said...

Great idea to play guitar for children, we can see they love to sing and they enjoy very much making this! Good luck from Romania!

Anonymous said...

Good luck for high votes!
Bernardo Canelas,from Portugal

Anonymous said...

Weel done,everyone!
Good luck!
Catarina R, from Portugal

Greece said...

Very nice song and performance....Good luck....Kisses!

Unknown said...

Well done!. Your song is exccelent
Good luck!
Cátia,From Portugal

Anonymous said...

This vídeo is very original!!!
It was very interesting to know what was the mystery word!!!!
While children make the video, they enjoy it, no??
It is a very nice video!!!
Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Très belle vidéo, très amusant et interéssant.
Bone chance à tous!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your video❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
It look so happy!!!
Godo luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Who is the boy that was next to a girl??
It was very happy in the finaly of the video!!!

Anonymous said...

Who is the boy that was next to a girl??
It was very happy!!!
Good luck!!
From basque country.

Anonymous said...

It Israel a beutifulll video!!!
Thanks for do it, and good luck!!!

Fanny said...

Nice video. Catchy song! Looks like you had lots of fun making it! :D

Good Luck from Norway!

Steffen said...

A very nice song and a great riddle which at the same time gives us a tour of your school.
Well done!

Siv Forsbom said...

A nice song. The video idea was brilliant. Good word and work!
/pupils from the Åland Islands

Unknown said...

Great video, we loved the idea with the schoolovision letters.

valerie canty said...

Good song and video, we love it!

Good luck from France

rosa basque country said...

Una canción increible y unos cantantes inmejorables.
Buena suerte chicos os lo merecéis.
Sorte ona izan lan ona egin duzue eta.

Unknown said...

The students said...
The filming was good and the children were
nicely dressed up. We love what they did with
the letters.
Good luck from Sweden:)

Carla Vieira Sampaio da Silva said...

Dear Rosa,
I loved your video.
Your students are extremely happy and the spelling idea is great!
Good luck from Portugal!

Andrew Smith said...


We thought you've got a good song with interesting music.
The guitar is great too and we loved all of the letters!

Well done from Wales!!

Malahide Portmarnock ETNS said...

Student comments:

Your song is very happy and good. We liked the guitar music. We loved the letters and the emojis!

Good luck from Ireland!

Anonymous said...

Gracias a todos por vuestros animos. ¡¡¡¡Gracias por todo desde Pais Vasco!!!!